Welcome Khas Patti!

A warm welcome to #DowntownSTC restaurant, Khas Patti at 219 St. Paul Street, who opened their doors a few weeks ago. Make sure to follow their social media for updates about the upcoming Grand Opening.

Khas Patti was founded by chef Sanjay and his wife Rinki, first time restaurant owners with deep roots in the hospitality industry. The name Khas Patti refers to a region in northern India known for its dedication to hospitality and creating meaningful, high-quality experiences. Growing up in the area shaped Sanjay’s view on business and cooking, instilling in him the importance of quality over quantity.

Sanjay is new to Canada, arriving in 2018. In that time, he and Rinki got married, bought their own house and now run a restaurant. It’s been a whirlwind four years, but they’re dedicated to building a wonderful life; to paraphrase Sanjay, “Why should we wait to live our dreams, when we can start now?”

What sets Khas Patti apart from other Indian restaurants is the focus on the experience. Sanjay and Rinki’s goal is to create a space where customers can relax with their loved ones and spend an evening with amazing food and service. They want to get away from the trope of Indian food as take-out/delivery and shift the focus to the entire dining experience.

A big part of Sanjay’s beliefs as a chef and restaurateur is to give his patrons the opportunity to learn and experiment. He loves introducing people unfamiliar with Indian food to new dishes and educating them on the food and the customs surrounding the meal. He and Rinki want people of all cultures and backgrounds to know that they’re welcome at Khas Patti, and that the staff there will be more than happy to help fill in any gaps in a customer’s knowledge.

Even though Sanjay and Rinki live in Niagara Falls, they knew early on that they wanted to have their restaurant here in downtown St. Catharines. They talked about the difference in the food culture here and that they find that people in St. Catharines are more open to new and exciting experiences with restaurants.

You can check out Khas Patti 7 days a week! Monday to Thursday from 12 to 11PM, and Friday to Sunday from 11AM to midnight. 

Article by Erik Upper