The Loverly Co Inc. opens studio Dowtown St. Catharines!

The Loverly Co Inc. is a local, multi-branch company featuring Loverly Weddings and Loverly Branding, both of which operate downtown St.Catharines out of Loverly Studios, their new creative & collaborative studio space.

Loverly Weddings came to life in 2018 after owner and founder, Krysta Gorman decided to take the jump and leave her established career at the Ministry of Transportation to go all in on her photography business.

Krysta had been juggling photography as a side business and passion for 17 years and after the passing of her Grandmother, she found herself considering what happiness meant to her. One thing became clear: her photography passion was constant throughout her life. Photography, creativity and entrepreneurship came naturally, sparked a fire and ultimately lead to the decision to follow her dreams full-time. 

Krysta had always found a lot of success with her digital branding & marketing, so when the pandemic hit the transition to supporting small businesses and helping grow their online presence was a no-brainer. That’s when Loverly Branding was born. As the business grew and new clients came in, the company was forced to expand. Krysta hired the Robin to her Batman, Kira, and the two have been a dream team ever since.

In October of 2022, Krysta & Kira took on their newest adventure, Loverly Studios. Krysta had always longed for a creative, collaborative space where like-minded individuals could create, inspire, share, network, and grow. Loverly Studios operates under the mindset that no idea is too big, there is power in numbers and being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you should have to do it alone. 

The growth isn’t going to stop there. The Loverly Co has goals of expanding to offer courses, classes, online programs and there may even be a podcast on their horizon. 

We are so excited to have Krysta and Kira join our community, a big welcome Downtown!