St. Catharines Standard: Down on Main Street? Not so fast – new St. Catharines program could have things looking up

The City of St. Catharines announced earlier this month Downtown & Merritton would be participating in the new My Main Street Local Business Accelerator program. You can read the press release here.

‘Though St. Catharines’ business areas have been battered by a two-year-old pandemic, a scene played out across the world, some see an opportunity in the months ahead.

That opportunity will come, at least in part, from some demographics that may not have previously been as well represented in the entrepreneurial world. A new program being offered for the downtown and Merritton business communities could spur that on. Called My Main Street, it offers free support from a dedicated paid staff person as well as grants to help new and existing businesses in both business communities.’

Read the full article by Luke Edwards, Reporter for The St. Catharines Standard below:

Photo credit: The St. Catharines Standard