Pollinator Project

Pollinator gardens are coming to #downtownSTC

The Pollinator Project is a student-led initiative to increase the prevalence of native plant species in downtown.

4 Niagara College students, including SCDA Sustainability Coordinator Lindsay Taylor, have been working closely alongside our SCDA Streetscapes and Sustainability Committee to secure 14 planter gardens for our downtown. These planters will be spaced out on the east-end of downtown between Academy St. to Court St.. 

Native plant species provide pollinators essential habitat & food. Pollinators can be any species, bees, birds, ants, beetles, butterflies, bats, and more that come into contact with the pollen and spreads it from the flower’s stamen to the pistol. Many of these pollinators use the native plant species as a home throughout the year including winter. Habitat loss & use of harmful pesticides are the main sources of declining numbers of pollinator species globally. By planting native plant species and advocating for pollinators everyone can support these precious species-at-risk. 

Save the date – Saturday, June 4th when we will be inviting EVERYONE to paint the flower boxes and pick-up some seeds for home gardens during a Go Green Launch Event for our Downtown Promenade!

Image Description: Pollinator Project team made of four Niagara College students. Left to Right – Emily Cavataio, Lindsay Taylor, Jessica Nguyen, & Katja Odegaard