Abundant street, lot and garage parking make it easy to do more in the core.


Update June 1, 2021: Paid parking resumes June 2, 2021 with weekends and evenings after 6pm still being offered for free. Please note our curbside pick up spaces will continue to offer 15 minute free parking to help make your pick-ups more convenient.

Update April 27, 2021: The City of St. Catharines is extending free parking at its on-street parking meters, lots and garages until at least May 20, 2021. Recently, City councillors approved waiving payments to coincide with the provincewide shutdown and stay-at-home order which will last until at least that date. A three-hour time limit at meters and lots remains in effect. Longer-term parking is available at no charge at parking garages. Read more on the City of St. Catharines’ website.

Update March, 2021: The City has reintroduced enforcement of 3-hour limits on parking at on-street spaces and surface lots in Downtown St. Catharines. Parking is still free until April 30, 2021, and longer-term parking is also free until April 30 at City garages. Read more here:

Jan, 2021: With local businesses continuing to face adversity during another COVID-19 lockdown, the City of St. Catharines is moving forward on several initiatives to aid them including the return of free parking to City spaces and lots, and the extension of its temporary outdoor patio program.

With the hopes of drawing more shoppers to the downtown and other commercial areas for their essential needs, parking in all City lots, garages and on-street spaces will be free until the end of April. For more information on parking visit While parking will be free, the City will continue to enforce parking restrictions related to safety, such as fire routes, as well as restrictions for loading zones and curbside pickup spaces.

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