New Downtown Business: Tandem Waves Collective

Tandem Waves Collective is a new Downtown Business that offers innovative & affordable group therapy, corporate wellness training, workshops and group clinical supervision across Niagara. They will be introducing individual counselling services by February 2023.

Founders Yiching Chua and Marisa Giesa met through working at the school board 6+ years ago and began noticing an increased need for accessible mental health care in the Niagara Region.

With a passion for supporting mental health and 25+ years of clinical experience, Yiching and Marisa saw an opportunity to help struggling individuals through a group therapy approach.

Marisa, who has extensive experience running workshops, professional development training and group counselling has seen firsthand the value group therapy can bring to participants. People often feel like they are struggling alone, but group therapy brings people working towards the same things together and can remind us that struggling is universal.

In addition to providing extra value by learning to work together, group therapy makes getting mental health support affordable. Free services are challenging to find and qualify for, and individual sessions can be costly. However, a complete six-week group therapy session is equivalent to one or two individual sessions that may not even leave you with the next steps.

Yiching recognizes that group therapy can be awkward and challenging at first, which is why they are happy to address it immediately with a consultation to ensure that group therapy would be a good solution for you.

It is always up to you how much and when or if you choose to reveal things about yourself. Yichang and Marisa have created an inclusive space, and those accepted into the program understand and agree to confidentiality.

Tandem Waves Collective is located in Accell North at 110 James Street. Its central location makes it accessible by public transportation, and parking is available and free after 6 pm and on weekends.

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