Welcome Ride Skate Shop at 1 Ontario Lane, a new one-stop shop for all your skateboard needs. The owner Trevor Donegan brings a piece of the skating community to the Downtown core with this venture.

Hailing from Beamsville, Trevor has been a member of the skateboarding community since infancy. He loves how accepting and accommodating the scene is. He worked in a skateboard retail store for years in his adolescence and his love for the sport has never wavered. 

Ride Skate Shop originated in Trevor’s basement with solely online orders. This system worked for a while, but since it is such a physical sport, he knew that there should be a physical location. Trevor shares that he came to Downtown St. Catharines frequently for the diverse restaurants and the IceDogs. There used to be another skate shop Downtown that attracted a lot of skaters, so Trevor knew that it was a hub. Since he is so familiar with the area, he knew this was a great location for his storefront. Its vicinity to a skate park was another bonus. Trevor believes that the Niagara skate scene originated Downtown St. Catharines, and wants to bring it back. 

Currently Ride Skate Shop sells boards, decks, wheels, grip tape and other skateboard accessories. Trevor prides himself on working with local Canadian brands and loves the support that they give each other. He describes the store as “by a skater, for a skater”. Trevor has used skateboarding as an escape and understands that a lot of individuals do as well. With that knowledge, he wants his store to feel like a home away from home and create a sense of security and comfort. 

In the future, Ride Skate Shop would love to continue serving the community. Trevor shares that he’s open to offering private lessons as additional aid. He also has interest in attending expos to highlight the store and community. He wants to hold more contests and giveaways. Right now, Ride Skate Shop is hosting their 12 Days of Christmas giveaway where any purchase you make until December 23rd gets your name entered for a chance to win one of 12 prizes! 

Trevor wants to give a special thank you and shoutout to the Niagara Region for their unfaltering assistance during some unfortunate events. He appreciates and values all the patience and compassion that was shown for him and his shop. 

We are so excited to see Trevor embark on this business venture and encourage you to visit!

Welcome Downtown!