NEW BUSINESS: Munch-O-Holics and Shake-A-Licious

Welcome Munch-o-Holics and Shake-a-Licious to #DowntownSTC! This is the second location for owner Rishi Tangri and offers a unique fusion culinary experience along with scrumptious milkshakes.

Originally from India, Rishi came to the Niagara Region in 2018 to pursue a degree in general business from Niagara College. With a strong background in business, Rishi found himself intrigued by the food industry here in Canada. He loved the variety of multicultural dishes in this region and knew he wanted to be a part of it. 

Rishi started his culinary journey by opening the Munch-o-Holics food truck featured at the Outlet Collections in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The food truck has been a hit with locals and tourists. Considering the success of this business, the idea to expand formed giving Rishi the room to create something he hadn’t seen in the Niagara Region – Indo-mexican fusion. Rishi shares that the composition of Indian and Mexican dishes are very similar and he utilises that to make his crossover recipes. The name originates from a fun synonym for snacking (munch) and people’s love of shopping (shopaholic). They also offer a significant milkshake line, and so pair it with “Shake-a-Licious”. He wanted a name that had a wow factor and reflected the exciting nature of the business. 

Rishi chose to open in Downtown St. Catharines for the high amount of foot traffic. Since opening 3 months ago, Rishi mentions how kind and welcoming his neighbours have been. The location is managed by Yogita, a marketing professional from western Ontario who caught interest on the new venture and relocated to Niagara for it. Together, with their shared vision and passion for culinary arts, business, and service they make a wonderful team.

Munch-o-Holics is the only Indo-Mexican restaurant in the Niagara Region. This eatery has so many highlights including their eye-catching neon signs, excellent customer service, and an aesthetically pleasing and delicious menu. All this is reflected in their glowing customer reviews. If you’re not sure what to try first, they recommend the butter chicken, it is their bestseller! They also offer over 30 flavours of milkshakes, which can then be mixed and match to preference allowing for unlimited options! Rishi prides himself on using fresh, high quality produce to ensure that every creation tastes as good as it looks.

We are so excited to see Rishi embark on this new business venture and encourage you to go for Indo-Mexican delights!

Welcome Downtown!