NEW BUSINESS: Haute Seconds

Welcome Haute Seconds to 80 King Street! A new pre-loved fashion store that gives clothing items a second chance. The owner Carla Morenzie brings a fabulous donated collection to the Downtown core with this venture. 

Originally from Toronto, Carla moved to the Niagara Region for work. She has been a PSW (Personal Service Worker) for 12 years. Helping others has always been a part of Carla’s core which is reflected in her position.

Carla knew that she wanted to give back to the community and help those in need. As someone who is passionate about clothing, she really understands what a necessity clothes are to life. With this in mind, she decided to open not only a clothing store but a store that took donations and gave them at a reduced price. Between working as a full-time PSW and owning a business, Carla credits her colleague & store manager, Brooke Cider, as the ultimate support pillar that allows her to be able to do double duty.

Carla chose to open her business in Downtown St. Catharines for the bustling foot traffic. When she saw the location at King Street she knew it was the right place for her.  

Haute Seconds has an amazing collection of clothes (women’s and children’s), shoes, and handmade jewellery that are all donated. Affordability was imperative for Carla with this business. This store offers 80% markdowns compared to the big chain thrift stores. As this venture was made to help and heal, it needed to be available to all types of customers. Sustainability is another virtue that Haute Seconds prides itself on. Fast fashion has taken over our society and unfortunately is one of the largest pollutive industries. Carla wanted to lighten their carbon footprint by focusing on nearly new options.

Carla shares that her dream is for customers to come give these items a new home and another chance to be loved again. She wants to grow her clientele and become a staple in Downtown. Growing their brand awareness is another goal for Carla. She aims to have their hidden gem not be hidden anymore. Haute Seconds has a high customer demand for knick-knacks and trinkets and wants to deliver that in the future. Carla hopes to be involved with more events throughout the city to showcase their boutique. You will be able to also visit them at the upcoming Parade After-Party with a booth featuring a little collection of the treasures available in store. 

We are so excited to see Carla embark on this new business venture and encourage you to go shop and give something a new home!

Welcome Downtown!


Haute Seconds is currently offering a special promotion if you bring in a clothing donation, you’ll receive 30% off!