Welcome Earth to Eve at 331 St. Paul St, a new botanical store that’s offering tropical plants and fauna. The owner Tamara Crowley brings a piece of her love for horticulture to the Downtown core with this venture.

Tamara has always been involved in the plant industry in a sense. Her grandma had a floral business and she’s been on farms since her childhood. She reveals she comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Tamara actually originated her career in healthcare. She finds a lot of similarities between healthcare and botany because they both involve caring for another life. A career change was made because of an epiphany that she had, and she knew operating with plants was her true calling in life. She’s professionally been a part of the horticulture scene for 6 years and her work has included being a head grower at a local greenhouse. What started out as a hobby had become a lifestyle for Tamara.

Family means everything to her and wanted to create this business as a way to be free to spend more time with her husband and children. Tamara knew that she needed a change of pace and wanted to improve her quality of life, while creating a family legacy for her children to enjoy. Even the store name is a showcase of her familial love. Eve is a shared middle name between Tamara and her daughter. Earth to Eve also references the epiphany Tamara had about her job transition. 

Since Tamara is from St. Catharines, Downtown seemed like a natural fit for her new store. She talks about how the merging of an urban streetscape and nature is an appealing environment for Earth to Eve. Tamara mentions how as soon as she visited the space she loved the building and the dark colours it provided. Earth to Eve has an apothecary vibe and she feels that this current location perfectly reflects that. She raves about how accepting and accommodating the community has been, always offering her a helping hand.

Opening their doors in April 2024, the store offers tropical plants, aquarium safe greenery, moss art, seashells, terrariums, dried goods and more. Tamara mentions that her favourite plant is the hoya compacta. She loves how unusual it looks and how it resembles a brain. Earth to Eve is heavily focused on indoor gardening, as plants have a healing nature. All of her storage is sourced from nearby greenhouses as Tamara believes strongly in supporting local business. She reveals that her location is pet friendly, and invites you to bring in your animal companions.Tamara herself is also available to offer advice like how to maintain and upkeep your plants. 

The mission with this business is to educate and excite plant enthusiasts alike, whether you’re an expert or just curious. Tamara knows this is her special space and wants others to feel the same. Earth to Eve’s goal is for customers to achieve a sense of peace whenever they enter and leave. 

Earth to Eve has some big plans for their future. There is a large area in the back of the store that will make a perfect location for gardening workshops. Tamara shares she would love to get more employees as it’s solely herself currently. Her goal is to be a staple of the botanical community and have customers enriched in all things tropical flora and fauna!

We are so excited to see Tamara embark on this business venture and encourage you to visit to immerse yourself in the indoor garden fantasy.