New Business: Damascus Donair

A warm Downtown welcome to Damascus Donair and the Toubaji family!

Damascus Donair opened on January 29th at 174 St. Paul Street. It is the new location for this family-run restaurant and certainly, meant-to-be as it was originally located at a very similar address – 17 St. Paul Street ….only in Thunder Bay!!

Nisreen, Zaher, Hadeel & Sama landed in Thunder Bay, Canada from Syria in 2016 where they opened Damascus Donair – named after their hometown. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with items from Syria, which creates an authentic and special atmosphere.

The Toubaji family chose to relocate to Niagara as Sama looked to pursue her career in dentistry at Niagara College and Hadeel looked for work in her field. When the pandemic happened the whole family came and relocated to Damascus Donair…. and we are so glad they did!!!

While Hadeel and Sama work together to help with service and run the restaurant, their mom and dad make the food. Both are great chefs, Nisreen is specifically known for her delicious cooking – and the food is just incredible, although don’t take our word, we encourage you to go try it for yourself!

If you aren’t sure where to start, Hadeel recommends trying some of her favorites, the fajita, Damascus plate, potato harra & grape leaves.

We are so grateful to have this wonderful family and business relocate to Downtown St. Catharines.