Welcome Cliptomania Salon, a new salon that’s offering an indulgent cosmetology experience. Manager Sarah Scott brings an affordable luxury to the Downtown core with this venture. She is giving back to the community one haircut at a time. 

As a St. Catharines native, Sarah worked for several years as a beautician at Tootzie’s Tuneup. After honing her craft, she felt it was time to open her own place. With some help from the owner Josh McDougall, Downtown St. Catharines was chosen as the location because she recognizes that it is an up and coming area with a lot of potential. She knows the area very well and knew it was the perfect area for her business. Cliptomania opened their doors on July 14th and have been blooming ever since. 

Cliptomania provides a variety of services including manicures, pedicures, sugaring/waxing, lashes, teeth whitening, men & childrens hair. Cliptomania is more cost efficient compared to big label hair salons with around a 20% markdown. Sarah shares that she wants to supply a luxurious experience while still being affordable. Currently she is holding a 30% off promotion to all new members.

Sarah believes in giving back to the community. She has partnered with the local Job Gym to offer free haircuts to those in need so they can look professional and presentable in interviews. Sarah divulges that she can’t help but notice her surroundings and wants to be able to help anyway that she can. She’s using her passion to assist others and supporting the best way she knows how. She mentions that, “when people feel good about themselves, they’re more likely to put themselves out there”. She has seen success with this avenue as clients have told her they received jobs after their haircuts. 

Cliptomania isn’t stopping there though. Sarah’s goal is to be able to give haircuts to any homeless person who would like one. She reveals that it needs a special permit, so she is in the process of receiving one. Sarah shares that soon they’ll have a liquor licence and be able to add another dash of splendour to the salon experience. Other dreams of Sarah’s are to be fully staffed and to attend trade shows. With her business, Sarah wants to promote self love and confidence. 

We are so excited to see Sarah embark on this journey and encourage you to visit for some pampering!

Welcome Downtown!