Board Meetings and Committee Meetings

2022 Meeting Schedule

Our meetings are all currently being held on zoom. Members of Committees & Working Groups will receive an email with the link to attend. If you are interested in joining you can find the zoom link by downloading the schedule (below) If you would like information on how to join a Committee or Working Group, please email

Please find the full 2022 Meeting Schedule here:

Board of Management Meetings

The St. Catharines Downtown Association is governed by a Board of Management approved by St. Catharines City Council for a four-year term, concurrent with the City of St. Catharines Councillors’ term of office. The Board of Management controls the Association’s activities and approves all policies.

The Board of Management meets a minimum of 10 times per year on a regular basis (monthly). Members of the public are welcome to attend. Please RSVP in advance to Rachel Braithwaite, Executive Director, phone 905-685-8424 or email

Meeting for Monday, June 27 @ 2:30pm

Boardroom across the hall from the BIA Office. For those joining remotely please join using this zoom link: Meeting ID: 846 5129 1940 Passcode: 515630

Meeting Minutes

Please request meeting minutes prior to 2021 at

Annual General Meeting

The St. Catharines Downtown Association conducts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year. The financial statements of the previous year along with the current fiscal budget are reviewed and voted on by the Association membership present at the AGM.

The members of the St. Catharines Downtown Association, the designated Business Improvement Area (BIA), consist of persons who are assessed on the last returned assessment roll with respect to rateable property in the area that is in a prescribed business property class and tenants of such property.

The Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, March 1st @ 11am

A video of this meeting can be found here:

Committees/Working Groups

Events Working Group

Events bring people into our Downtown core and help us showcase our diverse community and businesses. The role of the Events Working Group is to plan events and activations throughout the year. Responsibilities of the Events Working Group members include:

  • Regular attendance to bi-weekly meetings
  • Represent whole BIA in consideration of all businesses & areas

Priority focuses of the Events Work

  • Ensure diverse events to include all groups (i.e. BIPOC, international students, senior citizens, children, etc)
  • Create an annual calendar of proposed events & budget
  • Ensure opportunities for membership is included in planning
  • Make sure funding is fair – RFP for funding and sponsorships that do not interfere with other businesses
  • Submit marketing requests to Promotions & Marketing committee
  • Provide staff with direction and support in planning event

Promotions & Marketing Committee

Promotions & Marketing of the Downtown core help to tell the story of our businesses while building awareness, support and engagement from our community. The role of the Promotions & Marketing Committee is to develop promotions and an overall strategy to communicate these messages. Responsibilities of the Promotions & Marketing Committee members include:

  • Regular attendance to monthly meetings
  • Represent whole BIA in consideration of all businesses & areas
  • Ensure diverse representation for all groups
  • Create an annual calendar of proposed marketing & promotional strategies along with budget
  • Ensure opportunities for membership is included in planning
  • Make sure funding is fair – RFP for funding and sponsorships that do not interfere with other businesses

Governance Committee

The governance committee is a Standing Committee of the Board. Its main purpose is to maximise Board effectiveness through the development and maintenance of appropriate governance principles and practices; and to advise the Board of Directors in fulfilling its governance oversight responsibilities;

Priorities for 2022 include:

  • Creation of Social Media Policy
  • Creation of Records Retention Policy
  • Look into creating Memorandum of Understanding with the City of St Catharines

Streetscape & Sustainability Working Group

The Committee assists the Board in fulfilling the below mentioned Strategic Plan Priorities:

  1. Create seasonal horticultural plan
  2. Create partnership/sponsorship offer to support seasonal horticultural plan
  3. Create maintenance and cleanliness standards
  4. Work with culture committee, public arts committee, NAC… to create ‘art’ bike racks
  5. Expand public Art installations
  6. Add signage and plaques to recognize built heritage, indigenous, LGBTQ+ and black community 
  7. Create and promote bike routes
  8. Stronger implementation of property standards

Other initiatives:

  • Streetscape Improvements
    • Improving Accessibility 
    • Beautification (planters, banners, lights, infrastructure maintenance) 
    • Increasing art downtown
  • Sustainability Improvements
    • Increasing the number of trees downtown 
    • Improving bike infrastructure and walkability 
    • Work with local organizations to improve storm water management, air quality and more
  • Tactical Urbanism through initiatives like
  • Cigarette litter
  • Garbage
    • Containers are unsightly and move around to easily
    • Create inventory of receptacles
    • Look at other options/ideas used in other cities
  • Request City to update and maintain infrastructure

Summer Activations 2022

Objective of Group: To create a mandate for road closures and to address challenges businesses face when roads are closed.

Specific tasks

  • When a downtown street is pedestrianized what is required / recommended:
    • Barriers
    • Activations
    • Budget
      • Staffing
    • Beautification
    • Safety
    • Notification
  • When should pedestrianization of a street be recommended to be approved by the board:
    • Frequency
    • Days
    • Times
    • Locations

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Created in 1973, the St. Catharines Downtown Association is a provincially legislated, not-for-profit Business Improvement Area (BIA).

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