Gift Card FAQ For Merchants

Other FAQs

Where are the Gift Cards sold?
The gift cards are sold online and via the St. Catharines Downtown Association office.

Can I sell the cards from my business?
The gift cards will only be sold online and via the St. Catharines Downtown Association office at this time.

Is it free?
Yes. There is NO charge to Downtown Businesses to participate in the Gift Card Program. Please note though that the Gift Card operates through VISA, therefore standard transaction fees will occur through your POS as though the customer was paying with a credit card.

I got an error that I could not enrol with a FREE EMAIL.
This issue with the application has been fixed. Please try applying again.

I don’t have time to enrol, it looks complicated.
This process should take no longer than 5-10 minutes. To enrol you need to fill out your merchant name, location and contact details and run a $1 authorization transaction through your POS (you will not be charged). All required information is provided to you as you fill out the form.

We understand this can seem a bit daunting and are available to come in person to complete the process for you, it should take no longer than 10 minutes, please email us for assistance.

My POS is asking for a postal code, what do I do?
If you are required to enter a postal code to register, please use your own, the postal code itself should not matter nor affect the enrolment, you can also use ours L2R 7G1.

I signed up but haven’t heard anything after signing up.
As soon as you enrol we receive an email at the St. Catharines Downtown Association. This email prompts us to add you to the Gift Card landing page (that will be available after launch)

Will customers be able to max out their cards and pay the difference?
Yes! However your customer must know the remaining balance and it must be entered or anything less than that, if not the transaction could be declined. Customers will be able to contact a number or visit a website on the back of their card for a live update 24/7. More information will be included in your FAQ Package.

Will I be able to contact the SCDA for support?
Yes! However if the issue is regarding a transaction that is currently happening at your business you are recommended to contact the company EML directly as you will get immediate support. Their phone number is on the back of the cards.

The SCDA Office will always be available too, we encourage you to reach out any time and we will do our best to get back to your within operating hours Monday-Friday between 9 – 4:30pm.

Do I enter the card as “GIFT CARD” or “VISA” while processing?
The card should be run as a VISA card, it will work anywhere VISA is accepted HOWEVER, businesses MUST enrol before they are able to accept the card.