Explore the Core – Urban Street Trees in the BIA

BIA Street Tree Inventory

Ready to discover a greener side of downtown?

Navigate the urban forest (UF) in your area following these easy steps:

  1. Open the interactive Google Map.
  2. Zoom in and out on the map to find your location.
  3. Select the urban street tree (UST) icon closest to you.

Included in the description is a health assessment, the common name of the tree and the Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) in centimeters. The unit (cm) has been intentionally omitted to make exporting the data and analyzing it in Excel easier for BIA members and other interested members of the public.

This data was used to complete a report for the Business Improvement Area (BIA) alongside recommendations for the City of St. Catharines. Download the official downtown tree report below.

If you find a discrepancy with the data please email a photo with your comments to info@mydowntown.ca.

Disclaimer: The health assessment is to be used for reference purposes only. A certified arborist must perform a health assessment for regulatory and legal purposes.

Family of three bikes across the future version of St. Paul Street which has many large mature street trees lining the street.
Greening the Core – A Vision of Street Trees for the Downtown

Tree ID

Spending time outside and learning about the environment reduces stress & allows us to reconnect with our culture. Getting to know the trees in your neighbourhood is one great way to begin that process.

To get started on your journey we recommend a mix of virtual ID tools and books. iNaturalist and Seek by iNaturalist are two leading ID apps that will allow you to tap into a variety of different species – from trees, to plants, and even other animals.

Sometimes apps do not give us an ID and we need to use other tools. Trees in Canada by John Laird Farrar is an excellent Tree ID book that provides users with easy to understand ID features and plenty of colour images. Visit the St. Catharines Public Library to request a copy.

Pingstreet App

Need to report a problem with a street tree? Try the Pingstreet App!

Pingstreet lets users take photos and report damage directly to the City. Simply select the ‘Report’ icon in the app and you will have instant access to a virtual form.

Pingstreet is available for iOS and Android!

Prefer to speak with someone? Contact Citizens First at 905.688.5600

Note: Property owners are not permitted to trim trees on City property in front of or behind their homes. See the City of St. Catharines website for more information.

Pingstreet App Dashboard with an image of Montebello Park in the background. Highlighted with a red box is the Report a Problem icon which leads to the Report Form.
Pingstreet App Dashboard

Tree Report

To Learn More About Urban Street Trees in the BIA Download the Complete SCDA Tree Report: