Alazzam Engineering Inc.

A warm downtown welcome to Alazzam Engineering Inc who are also celebrating 11 years in business this month!

Owners Fouad Alazzam, a senior mechanical engineer with over 32 years of experience and his wife Maha Asfoura – also a senior mechanical engineer, often found themselves working in and around the city core. Wanting to be a part of our growing downtown they moved into 132 King Street this past December.

Alazzam Engineering Inc. is a forward thinking mechanical and electrical engineering firm that incorporates green technology to provide safe, healthy, and efficient environments to live and work in. They specialize in the design and engineering of mechanical and electrical systems for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors,

If you are looking for an innovative and sustainability focused engineering firm we highly recommend reaching out to Alazzam Engineering Inc at

Welcome to downtown St. Catharines!