There are many different parking options in Downtown St. Catharines.

The City of St. Catharines owns and operates two parking garages and ten surface parking lots, in addition to on-street parking meters through the downtown core. There are also a number of private parking lots downtown.

You may find more information about parking in Downtown St. Catharines at the City of St. Catharines’ parking page on their website:

A helpful map is available from the City of St. Catharines, indicating the walking distances from the City’s parking lots and garages to the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, Meridian Centre and other downtown attractions.

All City-owned and operated parking lots and garages are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parking at certain lots and garages is free outside of normal business hours, Monday to Friday. Business hours and payment options differ for some locations, so please review the information for each City-owned parking facility at the above link.

Special Event Parking

Parking Garages and the Head Street and Garden Park Parking Lots

Special event parking is $5 when events are taking place at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre or Meridian Centre. Payment is by cash only and is paid on entrance to the garages / parking lots.

IceDogs Way Parking Lot

Special event parking is $10 when events are taking place at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre or Meridian Centre. Payment is by cash only and is paid on entrance to the parking lot.


Where to find parking downtown

Long Term Parking Lots in Downtown


Address Rates Monthly Spaces Phone
16 Duke st. Lot 32   $53.10/month n/a 1-877-909-6199 (Impark)
1 Wellington St. Lot 37 $2.50 per 1/2 hour $87.00/month n/a 1-877-909-6199 (Impark)
  Max to 7 p.m- $8.00      
  Evenings until 6 a.m- $4.00      
  Weekends and Holidays- $4.00      
56 Queen St. $2.50 per 1/2 hour from 6:00 a.m-5:00p.m $87.00/month 126 1-877-909-6199 (Impark
lot 33 Max to 7 p.m- $8.00      
  5:00p.m-6:00a.m: $1.50 flat      
  Wknds and Holidays- $1.50 flat      
123 St Paul St./ Pizza Pizza lot Mon-Fri from 6:00 a.m-6:00p.m $120.00/month 44 1-877-909-6199 (Impark)
  per 1/2 hr- $2.50      
  max- $12.00      
  Sat 6:00am-6:00 p.m- $4.00 flat      
  Sat evening- $5.00 flat      
  Sun 6:00a.m-6:00 p.m- $3.00 flat      
  Sun evening- $4.00 flat      
23 James St./ Summer St Mon-Fri 6:00a.m-6:00p.m $120.00/month 67 1-877-909-6199 (Impark)
  $2.00 per 1/2 hour      
  max- $9.00      
  Sat 6:00a.m-6:00p.m- $3.00      
  evening- $5.00      
  Sun 6:00a.m-6:00p.m- $3.00      
49 Queen St   $55.75/month 21 1-877-909-6199 (Impark)
Behind Thre3, off of William st. $3.00/hr Monthly pass avail. 10 1-877-877-0048 (OnPark)
Summer St. behind Impark # 12 $5.00/flat Monthly pass avail less than 10 1-877-877-0048 (OnPark)
56 Queen St.   67.80/Month n/a 905-682-8641  
22 - 30 Centre St (behind Herzog's)   $40.00/month 40 905-684-7474  (Herzog's)
30 Ontario Street permit only $50.00/month 29 905-988-9918  (HighPoint Properties) 
51 Ontario Street permit only   n/a 800-314-9791 (Ms. Guiseppe)
4 Ontario St.  permit only $50.00/month 10 905-685-5651 (Mansion House)
32 & 34 William St.  permit only (monthly) $60.00 / month 43 800-314-9711 -
May Alley permit only (monthly) $70.00 / month 14 800-314-9711 -
Summer St. permit only (monthly) $75.00 / month 4 800-314-9711 -
300 St. Paul permit only (monthly) $80.00 / month 29 800-314-9711 -
89 Ontario / Salina permit only (monthly) $60.00 / month 32 800-314-9711 -
St. George's Lower Level permit only (monthly) $50.00 / month 27 800-314-9711 -


Parking Token Program


The St. Catharines Downtown Association offers a parking token program for anyone wishing to use it. 

Each token gives you 10 minutes at any on street parking meter. Tokens are also taken at the City of St. Catharines owned parking garages and hold a value of .25 each. 

parking tokens

Parking tokens come in 40 pc rolls and are $10.00 each.

Tokens are available to purchase at the Downtown Association Offices at 80 King Street (main floor),

Monday through Friday between 8:30a and 4:30p.

Please note that our office only accepts cash, money order or certified cheque. 

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