• Feb. 07, 2019

    Chew on This program offers glimpse into City’s past

    The City of St. Catharines is teaming up with the St. Catharines Downtown Association to give local restaurant patrons something to ‘chew on’ while they are waiting for their food.

    The St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre has harnessed historical photos from the museum's collection and combined them into a series of booklets that will be available at local restaurants with the aim of creating some friendly banter during guests’ dining experience. Dubbed, “Chew On This!”, the program offers another unique way the museum can share its photographic collection, while also aiming to inspire some dinner conversation, by offering diners the opportunity to flip through the book while waiting for their meal. The program is presented by the museum and St. Catharines Economic Development and Tourism Services, in partnership with the St. Catharines Downtown Association.

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