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Are you affected by graffiti?  We encourage all property owners to report any act of graffiti vandalism on their property to the Niagara Regional Police as well as contacting the Association Office for assistance to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible.

To report graffiti in progress, call 911.

To report graffiti after the fact, contact the Graffiti Information Line at 905-688-5601, ext. 3138, as well as the St. Catharines Downtown Association at 905-685-8424.


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Sushi Ai
Tasting Menu - Dinner for 2 $39.99
Dinner for Two $39.99 Miso Soup Seaweed Sunomono Brie Cheese Crabmeat Wonton Tempura Shrimp Tempura Vegetable Salmon Sushi Dragon Hand Roll Creative Roll "Sushi Ai" Golden Fried Banana   Lunch Special for only $8.99 (Monday to Friday before 4:00pm) Served with Soup and Salad SUSHI COMBO (14 PCS)  a - 2 pcs of Salmon Sushi, Spicy Salmon Roll, California Roll  b - 2 pcs of Crabmeat Sushi, spicy Crabmeat Roll, California Roll  c - 2 pcs of Tofu Sushi, spicy Crispy Roll, Avocado Cucumber Roll    SEAFOOD NOODLE COMBO (Pan Fried or Soup)  BEEF NOODLE COMBO (Pan Fried or Soup)  CHICKEN NOODLE COMBO (Pan Fried or Soup)  VEGETABLE NOODLE COMBO (Pan Fried or Soup)    TERIYAKI SALMON RICE COMBO  TERIYAKI BEEF RICE COMBO  TERIYAKI CHICKEN RICE COMBO

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