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Wilsondale Assets Management Inc.


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St. Catharines, ON
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R and R Refinery
Permanent Makeup 20% Off
Summer is here and it’s time to simplify! Get up, gloss and go to brunch with your friends without leaving your lip colour behind. Cry at a PAC performance, and head out post show without raccoon eyes. Spend your day at the beach and don’t worry about sweating off your brows. Get up every morning, shower for 5 minutes and get it done effortlessly, just like your partner does. Permanent Makeup is 20% off this July with special savings on full lip blushes. Gloss and go this summer for only $349.  Limited availability, book your spots now to avoid disappointment! Visit this link to access online booking. https://go.booker.com/#/location/randrrefinery  

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